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Individual Placement Site Information

  • Who is on a typical Local Crew?
    A typical Local Crew is made up of two Crew Leaders and six Crew Members. The two Crew Leaders work as a team to lead the Crew Members, passing on their knowledge of conservation corps operations and environmental project work. People on the Local Crew must be 17 years and older and must have somewhere to live in the La Crosse area throughout the summer season. Local Crew participants commute from their private housing to the WisCorps warehouse to start their day, serve with the Local Crew for the day, and end their day at the WisCorps warehouse. Local Crews are supported by WisCorps staff, including the Crew Program Manager, Crew Program Coordinator, and seasonal Field Coordinators.
  • What does a typical Local Crew service day look like?
    Local Crews meet at the WisCorps warehouse each morning and return to their personal residences in the late afternoon. Monday through Friday are standard service days while weekends are non-service days. We ask that Local Crew participants arrive onsite at the warehouse by 7:50 am. Crews then load their tools, equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), water, snacks, and lunches into their crew vehicle and trailer. They leave the warehouse by 8:30 am to travel to their service project for the day. The entire Local Crew will stay together to work on their project for the duration of the service day. Local Crews take 15-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon and take a 30-minute lunch break. Local Crews return to the WisCorps warehouse at the end of the service day, around 4 pm. The crew will unload personal items and equipment from the crew vehicle and trailer, perform tool maintenance, do a light cleaning of the vehicle and warehouse, and get ready to leave for the evening. A typical service day will end at 4:30PM. REMINDER - Local Crew projects are located within the greater La Crosse, Wisconsin area. Participants need to live in the La Crosse area, have the ability to commute to the WisCorps warehouse by bike/walking/public transportation/car, and be able to return to their own residences at the end of the service day.
  • Can I bring my cell phone?
    Yes, but we ask that you strive to immerse yourself in an unplugged experience during the service day. Crew Leaders will have a WisCorps smartphone for work and emergency purposes. We understand the importance of bringing a cell phone for logistics or emergency reasons.
  • Do I need to buy a large volume backpack for my personal gear?
    No. Local Crew participants return to their personal residences each day. Service people can adjust on a daily level to what they think they will need during the day. You will need to bring a 20 to 30 liter day-pack for daily transport of PPE, rain gear, lunch, snacks, and water.
  • Where should I be dropped off? Can I park my car onsite?
    Local Crews meet at the WisCorps warehouse at 7:50 am on service days (Monday - Friday) for an 8 am start time. The exact daily arrival location will be discussed during onboarding and orientation. We recommend using public transportation, a bike, or walking if you are able for your commute. If you need to drive a personal vehicle, we recommend carpooling with other Local Crew participants. You are able to park on the street near the warehouse, but WisCorps is not at fault if a vehicle is damaged or personal belongings are stolen.
  • Do I need work boots?
    Yes. Service people must wear all-leather, durable work boots or hiking boots that do not have any mesh. Timberland, Carhartt, Danner, Red Wing, Lowa, and Asolo are a few examples of brands that we recommend. WisCorps does not require a steel-toe. Crew Leaders are required to wear work boots that are at least 6 inches tall due to their use of chainsaws. WisCorps has a leather boot library, from which service people can borrow leather boots for their season (total number of pairs and size options are limited).
  • What equipment do Local Crews use?
    Crews are outfitted with an SUV, van, or truck. They use a trailer to take project-specific tools and gear with them to work sites. Project-specific tools include chainsaws, brush saws, long handled tools (shovel, McLeod, rake, pick mattock, etc.), loppers, hand saws, and herbicide treatment tools.
  • What do we eat?
    Local Crews have a weekly food budget that covers lunch and snacks during the service day for the entire season. Individuals pack their own lunch and snacks for the service day from the food that is bought together as a crew. Local Crews typically stop at a grocery store on Friday afternoons during their weekly de-rig to purchase food for the following week. Local Crews must work together to create a shopping list that takes into account all dietary restrictions of each person on their crew.
  • What should I bring?
    Service people on all WisCorps crews will receive an extensive gear list during their onboarding process. Local Crews will be directed to wear appropriate work clothes, pack a 20 or 30 liter day pack full of PPE and food, bring plenty of water, and prepare adequately for the weather that is expected for the day. Service is expected to occur in all types of weather, except for extreme heat scenarios and thunderstorms. More information regarding what to bring on a daily basis will be communicated with you during the onboarding process.
  • Still Have Questions?
    Contact Crew Program Manager Paul George-Blazevich by email at
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