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Paige Manges


Administrative Coordinator

Paige grew up hiking and camping with her family in Iowa. She graduated with her B.S. in Advertising from South Dakota State University. After college, she worked as a commercial Producer in Nashville, TN creating campaigns for various local and national brands. This experience equipped her with problem solving skills, budgeting experience and encapsulated her creativity.

For many years, she volunteered as a troop leader for Girl Scouts Troop 6000, which serves girls experiencing homelessness or transitional housing. She gained an invaluable appreciation for work done in the nonprofit sector, which sparked her to co-launch the Nashville Living Wage, as a way to highlight businesses who paid all employees a more just minimum wage.  

Outside of work, Paige is mostly found in the garden, kitchen, or surrounded by trees. WisCorps is a place where both Paige's professional experience and passions are aligned. 

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